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Lemon infused Extra Virgin Oil


Italian product

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Obtained by pressing the “Cellina Scorranese” olive variety, and fresh lemons, harvested in our company gardens, the EVO citrusy lemon, with its delicate and fresh taste, is perfect for all uses. It’s particularly suitable for frying, because of its high temperatures resistance.

Processing: pressing of olives, with fresh lemons.
Use and storage: it’s advisable to store it in a tightly closed container, in the dark, at a constant temperature of 14°, to maintain its fragrance and freshness. The heat, the temperature changes, and the light, cause a rapid oxidation of the oil.
Produced in the Piazza Caduti Scorranesi, 8, 73020 Scorrano (LE) per Loliva, via Pozzuolo 4 – 73100 Lecce establishment.

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