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BIO extra virgin 2 bottles of 500ml


Italian product

Net weight 1 l

Variety: Frantoio (oil mill) and Leccino, whose drupes are collected and milled separately. Our top-class Bio extra virgin oil is distinguished by its herbaceous hints, with a slight tomato and artichoke aftertaste.
It’s perfect to dress salads, soups and legumes, fish, and meat dishes.

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Colour: light green.
Smell: medium fruity.
Taste: It has herbaceous hints, with a tomato and artichoke aftertaste. Accompaniments: every kind of raw vegetable, legumes, roast fish or meat equally.
Package: a 500ml tinplate bottle.
Certification: "Biological Oil" – Code of Authorization MIPAF IT BIO 002.
Milled and bottled in the Squinzano (LE) establishment, via per Torchiarolo km 1 per Loliva, via Pozzuolo 4 – 73100 Lecce.


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