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Malvasia Nera Salento IGP (6 bottles)


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6 Bottle box

This Malvasia Nera of Lecce gifts us a wine with the perfume of cherry and wild berries. It's soft and dense, it's perfect to be tasted also without food.

Every box contains 6 bottles not to be sold separately.
I Reale winemakers in Lecce since 1921, since then the property has controlled the entire production process, from the care of the vineyards, through the harvest and the vinification, up to the punctual delivery to the final consumer.
The production area is in the wine-growing heart of Salento, in the countryside of Cellino San Marco, in southern Puglia, on a total area of ​​250 hectares, of which 84 are vineyards and most of the rest are cultivated with olive groves.
Here the culture of wine has millenary roots, the climate is Mediterranean, with long and arid summers, the wind blows abundantly caressing the vineyards and thus helping the temperature range.
The winery, a few kilometers from the farm, is equipped with all the most modern systems capable of guaranteeing the control of low temperatures during all stages of transformation and storage. The large barrel cellar, located underground, allows perfect aging and refinement of the wines.
Strenght: 13%
Service: 14-16 °

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