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3 Citrus infused extra virgin oil


Italian product

Pack of 3 Bottles
(1x250 ml bottle of tangerine infused extra virgin oil + 1x250 ml bottle of orange infused etra virgin oil + 1x250 ml bottle of lemon infused extra virgin oil.)

They are exceptional seasonings for their great versatility in the combinations.
Lemon infused: ideal for uncooked use, with salads, fish and meat carpaccio.
Orange infused: it’s excellent with boiled meats, as duck, guineafowl, turkey, and chicken meats.
Tangerine infused: it’s perfect, if used for the sponge cake and the short pastry preparation.

Processing: pressing of olives, with fresh citruses like lemons, orange and tangerines.
Use and storage: it’s advisable to store it in a tightly closed container, in the dark, at a constant temperature of 14°, to maintain its fragrance and freshness. The heat, the temperature changes, and the light, cause a rapid oxidation of the oil.
Produced in the Piazza Caduti Scorranesi, 8, 73020 Scorrano (LE) per Loliva, via Pozzuolo 4 – 73100 Lecce establishment.

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