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Olives Pâté


Italian product

Net weight 180 gr.

Prepared with olives (Leccina 50%, Cellina 22%, Kalamata 22%), and extra virgin olive oil, the salted olives cream is a perfect sauce to dress pasta dishes, or as a spreadable cream, ideal for tarts and bread-dipping.

Ingredients: Olives (50% leccina, 22% cellina, 22% kalamata), salt, extra virgin olive oil (3%), acidity regulator: Lactic acid.
The washed, selected and gauged olives are stored in special containers with water and salt. Subsequently, Once the olives have fermented they are pressed and mixed with extra virgin olive oil. The pâté thus obtained is packaged in sterilize glass jars and pasteurized.
Jar: 180 gr. (net weight).
Packaged at the facility in Martano (LE), via Provinciale Borgagne km 1. Supplied by Loliva, via Pozzuolo 4, 73100 Lecce.
Store in a cool, dry place far from any source of heat. After opening the jar, keep refrigerated and consume within 3/4 days.

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