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Typical Apulian Products

Handmade Apulian Pasta

Among its online selected products, Loliva offers different shapes of pasta, which is the core aliment of the Mediterranean Diet. The burnt wheat orecchiette, by Senatore Cappelli, the orecchiette, the durum wheat orecchiette and macaroni mix, by Senatore Cappelli, known as "sagne 'ncannulate" (twisted).
Handmade local products for a first-class quality.

Salted Creams and Pâté

Salted Creams and Pâté: in our shop you'll find several types of pâté and salted creams; they're perfect to enrich every recipe. Try them as an excellent pasta or as a rice sauce! Our salted creams or well blended EVO oil pesto are great for accompanying meat or fish dishes, and with cheese. You will also enjoy, preparing starters with croutons, tarts, and bread-dipping, using artichoke cream or olive pâté.
Creams and pâté are the best sauce to enrich all meals.

Sauces and Tomatoes

The selection of preserves and the sauces EVO oil, which has been prepared using only the Italian tomatoes, is the result of an accurate and skillful research among the Salento's and Apulia's small-scale farmers.
Whether they have been made with the yellow tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes, and with the so called "winter's" tomatoes, that are typical of Salento, our sauces will render unique your meals!

Friselle & Taralli

Apulian Taralli and typical Salento's friselle: in our online product selection are available, in many flavours and in different sizes, the Apulian taralli: with the olive oil, multigrain, chili pepper, or black olives.
Bring to your table the Apulian tastes! Discover our friselline, and the typical friselle of Salento: from the most classical of durum wheat, to the one with turmeric, to give your meals an exotic touch.

Apulian Capers & Olives

The shop offers different kind of olives, that are typical of Salento, perfect for an aperitif or to flavour your meals. Pitted Celline olives (a typical variety of Salento, that is also known as the "Celline di Nardò"), green or black ones (in small or big size).
Also discover our homemade capers, which have been chosen among the best local farmers.

Apulian Sweets

The shop offers the most appreciated traditional cakes of Salento and Apulia, also with the "gift box" package. Let groped from the Apulian delights such as, the crunchy almond, the praline peanuts, the praline almonds, and our special Cioccolive.
Also available the multi-flower honey "springy" and the hazelnut cream.

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